4:00 PM - 6:00 PM


This is the driving factor of the city, Siliguri. The funniest radio evening drive time show currently on air according to fans and people stuck in traffic. This show acts as an antidote to the listeners after the day’s hectic schedule.  There’s everything that you need, to make your evenings entertaining. We have designed the show with all trending news, daily new contests on those trending news, TV soap update, Bollywood gossips, Twitter updates, Fashion tips, sports news, Solid ya Gas Contest, etc etc etc.

To be honest, the 4 hours of WB-935 will keep you updated. We also have introduced a character, a funny & irritating neighbor Aunty (Pasher Bari-er Kakima) who visits the station everyday with a local gossip to share with the jock and the city. This is full on drama which surely will make you relate to your neighbor. So just to cut things short, if you are in the city, do take a ride on WB-935, Monday to Saturday, 4pm-8pm only on Superhits 93.5 Red Fm. And of course Bajatey Rahoooooo...