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RED FM* Network (RED FM + SURYAN FM) through its presence across 64 cities caters to over 40 million listeners. We have been recently rated as India’s most admired FM radio station by the ASF. Over the years we have won more than 175 awards, across various forums, including the prestigious EMVIES, ABBY’s, Goa Fest, New York Radio Festival, IRF, Golden Mikes etc. Red FM offers advertisers a number of distinctive opportunities to reach their target audiences using any of our specialized verticals. Our advertising team offers you opportunities to drive your communication through our multiple verticals.

On Air

We have FCT 'on air' advertising, but with unique and innovative ideas that are liked by listeners and advertisers both. Our creative solution team constantly innovates and delivers new ideas to help clients stand out. The Client Solutions team has won awards and laurels in forums such as New York Adfest, Goafest, Golden Mikes, and IRF.

Red Live

Red Live is another way to interact powerfully with listeners through innovative sponsorship and promotion packages. So far we have done over 45 live concerts and live events in almost all big and small cities of the country. Through Red Live we have reached over 1 million people in last 3 years.

Red Active

Our activation wing offers "touch and feel" product engagement B2C BTL brand activation and reach to over 100 brands every year, even in the cities where there is no FM channel available.

Red Digital

In order to add depth to your campaign online digital team specializes in producing branded content that can be disseminated to clients Social Media handle. RED NETWORK has approx. 2.5 million fans bases on its social platform that can also be leveraged for branded content.

Red Integrated Solutions

We have customized shows for Ambience Mall radio and Kalka Delhi Shatabdi Train. Our associations with these can let you reach out to people on the go.

Please reach out to us by writing your requirements and our team will connect to you,

*“Red FM 93.5 Network is a joint sales & marketing initiative of the participating independent radio companies for bringing one window advertising / marketing solutions to clients / advertisers by leveraging the reach of their respective radio station(s) and other media assets”


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