Surviving the Unthinkable: The Leo Pole Cafe Terrorist Attack

In this gripping episode, we sit down with Eric Anthony, the manager of Leo Pole Cafe, who shares a harrowing tale of sur vival amidst a terrifying terrorist attack. Eric recounts the horrifying moment when bullets and grenades rained down on the restaurant from outside, leading to the loss of both staff and customers. He vividly describes the heroic efforts of a wounded waiter who fought for his life but tragically couldn't be saved. Eric himself narrowly escaped death and discovered that even the hospital was not safe from the relentless terrorists. Join us as we delve into the aftermath of this traumatic event, exploring how Leo Pole Cafe eventually reopened and the profound ways in which Eric's life was forever changed by this tragic experience.


Survivors Of 26/11 : Courage And Beyond

Imagine witnessing death and coming back to life, the experience, the thrill, the thunder brought together for you in our brand new podcast Survivor of 26/11. In this podcast we will talk to the survivors of di ... fferent attacks about what they went through and how it impacted their life afterwards. It will explain to us how that one day can change your entire life in a matter of a few moments. Also, how they continued their life, after the attack, what trauma they went through, what were the legal struggles they faced and how they have continued their journey till date.

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