"Devika's Resilience: Surviving the CST Terrorist Attack and Inspiring Change"

In this compelling podcast episode, we hear the incredible story of survivor Devika Natwarlal Rotawan, who, at the tender age of 9, faced a harrowing terrorist attack at the CST station in Mumbai. Devika shares her harrowing journey of survival and the profound impact it had on her life. Discover how she continues to struggle with the wounds, both physical and emotional, and how her unwavering passion to become a police officer is fuelled by her determination to eradicate terrorism. Join us as we delve into Devika's resilience and her inspiring journey towards making a difference in the fight against terrorism.


Survivors Of 26/11 : Courage And Beyond

Imagine witnessing death and coming back to life, the experience, the thrill, the thunder brought together for you in our brand new podcast Survivor of 26/11. In this podcast we will talk to the survivors of di ... fferent attacks about what they went through and how it impacted their life afterwards. It will explain to us how that one day can change your entire life in a matter of a few moments. Also, how they continued their life, after the attack, what trauma they went through, what were the legal struggles they faced and how they have continued their journey till date.

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