Stardew Valley: An Open World Of Choices

Escaping urban monotony. A free life. A rural life. A life we choose for ourselves. That is something a lot of us often w wish for. But it’s a very hard thing to live freely and make choices at every possible moment, especially when your choices feel almost infinite. Through the video game Stardew Valley, I’ll explore how trying to live a free life in the countryside can be so liberating, and at the same time so paralyzing.  Credit Links: Host of 'My Gaming Library' -Pranav The Iyenger and Leppar Study: Wand of Sparking YouTubeChannel: Stardew Valley Steam Link: All credit for music goes to: The Stardew Valley Original Sound Track 


My Gaming Library

Video games have a capacity for storytelling and immersion that other mediums cannot even hope to achieve. And yet they are seen as nothing more than a silly past-time. An escape. A hobby for the lazy. I’d argu ... gue against that notion. As the gaming industry has evolved, both larger AAA games as well as small time indie-games have been telling more and more complex stories. Some of these stories I’d like to share with you. Hi, I’m Pranav, and welcome to My Gaming Library.

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