Disco Elysium: Depressed, Daring, Dancing Detective

Politics. War. Police Drama. A Dead Body Hanging From A Tree. Crime is rampant. Corruption seeps through the city’s vein ins. People need a hero, someone to bring justice to an unjust world. The only issue is that you don’t remember who you are, why you are naked, and why your mouth feels like you were fermenting alcohol in it. Through the video game Disco Elysium, I’d like to explore how one can make a recovery even after hitting rock bottom. Credit Links: Host (My Gaming Library) - Pranav References: The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer: Studies In Pessimism - The Truth About Cold Water - All Credit for music goes to: Disco Elysium Original Sound Track


My Gaming Library

Video games have a capacity for storytelling and immersion that other mediums cannot even hope to achieve. And yet they are seen as nothing more than a silly past-time. An escape. A hobby for the lazy. I’d argu ... gue against that notion. As the gaming industry has evolved, both larger AAA games as well as small time indie-games have been telling more and more complex stories. Some of these stories I’d like to share with you. Hi, I’m Pranav, and welcome to My Gaming Library.

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