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RJ Jay is a live wire to be around and his show GJ935 is full of high voltage! 6Feet 2 Inches tall Drame baaz with radio active DNAs- Don’t be surprised if you get to know that a local update has just got a Rap version going viral , it’s the evening on RED FM driven by Jay who is a walking mixture of Gujarati raps and folk masti.... The evening show can be your stress reliever tablet. The driver of the show GJ935 has a licence to kill the boring syndromes around , traits of diagnosing your fatigue and thakaaan is super fun .... Once you are tuned in to GJ 935 there's no tuning out as his show is all about local entertainment and pure desi touch of city humour...
The show has Most Wanted Love for Rajkot to give Desi explanations of the hashtag waaale swagger words.


Sippy Siddhu Murder Case: Part 2