RJ Ishita on RAJKOT’S Morning NO.1 is always carbonated with highly rolled energy.Carrying her versatile wack , Ishita is a bona fide force to appraise with. She is humorous, spontaneous and has the gift to speak crap. When she’s around, she’s a strong cup of black coffee in your humdrum routine. She is in love with her two anmol ratans of entertainment- Bollywood and Music, prefers food over flowers, She is desiring curious about the world around her. Her cheerful presence will surely electrify your mornings! She’s here to help you break free of the blues with the daily Morning Show Morning No.1. Dil se Desi, Dimaag se Widesi - she is sure to redefine your days and inspire you to Break Free with her “PUN ki baat”!! You have to twist and squash your neurons to sign up in her contentious contest encounter, so listen and learn before you call.

Morning No. 1
7:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Sippy Siddhu Murder Case: Part 2