Morning No. 1

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Facebook is their newspaper, Pune is their canvas and they're here to paint the city's mornings Red! What happens when Pune's original radio superstar RJ Mandee teams up with Pune's current heart throb RJ Kabir? We'll tell you: Morning #1 becomes the city's only co-jock show, and goes into true-Red 'Bajate Raho' mode. This isn't just any morning show: while its superb energy makes it the perfect companion for your first coffee of the day, Morning #1 is also very vocal on the everyday problems faced by Punekars. The show features a number of original compositions, sound-bytes and jingles highlighting the latest goings-on in and around Pune, while keeping it humorous and irreverent but very, very relevant. Morning #1 with Mandee and Kabir is a show for the modern-day Punekar, in love with the city and its heritage, yet with a cosmopolitan voice, changing with the times and never afraid to speak out.


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