Suicide Prevention Ft. Dr. Era Dutta

Suicide? Have you or somebody you know tried to attempt suicide? Have you talked to anybody about this? Have you talked t o yourself about this? What is it that draws people to suicide? The number of cases of self-harm due to mental health problems is increasing every day. In this episode of 'Mann Hitt Mein Jaari' we have Mental Health Expert and TEDX speaker Dr. Era Dutta to decode the emotions and thoughts that lead to suicide.  To understand your emotions better and help your loved ones in need listen to the full episode of 'Mann Hitt Mein Jaari' only on the Redfm Podcast Network.


Mann Hitt Mein Jaari

Red FM Podcast Network presents Mann Hitt Mein Jaari, a podcast that strikes conversation on what troubles the mind. Depression, anxiety, stress, addiction and the effect of social media. Each day the chaos of ... thoughts is increasing and cluttered emotions born out of these thoughts lead to self sabotaging behavior and self harm. This podcast will allow you to understand your “Mann” and the emotions within. Mann Hitt mein Jaari features Psychologists, Doctors and Mental Health Activists who can help in getting better and living well.

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