Red Rewind

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Monday to Friday from night 9-12 sumptuous retro treat will be served by RJ Punith catering to the needs of retro song lovers and listeners who are inclined to dig deep into the retro and classical era, behind the screen stories of both Sandalwood and Bollywood with his special "Life Rewind “

Thursdays are meant to be more musical as Punith goes totally musical in his show by getting budding artist who go unplugged in the Musically yours

Fridays Punith brings in inspiring stories of common people from all walks of life making a difference to the society with their way of life and service naming it as Life Rewind .

"Love Stories" light up the night mood of our listeners and they build the story along with Punith making it more exciting, unimaginable with twists and turns in the story. Punith enthralls people of Mysore with his mimicry and humor quotient.