Namaskaara Mysore

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Kolor Kaage, It’s a special gift from RJ Sunil to any of our listners friend celebrating birth day ..RJ sunil plays pranks with the person celebrating birthday making more fun driven & memorable . Swamy Sathyananda Maharaja ,  This character based on the conterversial god man swamy Nithyananda ..where in the fun prerecorded voice with strong tamil accent over kannada givea out fun ways to make your life more enhjoyable. Gumpalli Govinda, RJ will pick 3 very common aspects of day to day life or that belongs to city and asks listeners to pick the odd one out ..The odd one will be based on current affairs or city specific . Topical Hour-Mysoreena Maathu, Sunil talks about the issues giving it a strong angle or sometimes gives a lighter side of a current topic/issue & gives out 3 important news highlights for the day.