The Game of Love

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


The show that is away from the clutters and from what we offered previously at the same time band. The game of love lets listeners explore various facets and the journey of love. A unique Game show that binds fun, interaction and the emotion of love without any naughty conversations. The Game of love explores how the city experiences love through interactive games like Kitne pratishat’ that gives a percentage of people who do unusual love things in their usual lives; It’s complicated where Yamini talks about complicated scenarios that most of us find ourselves stuck in; Yam-Mantra where Yamini gives a live hack to people to untangle difficult situations and moments of life; Poetry pad & Rhyme it with Yamini where she brings out her art with words and let listeners showcase their talent in poems. Bottom-line, it is a Game show laden with fun conversations, prizes and lots of love