Morning No. 1

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Morning No. 1 is about serving the most exclusive content to Jaipurites. Be it the most khatarnaak news to doing extreme sting operations. Morning No. 1 brings it all. Be it public is be it town management issues, be it national issues. RJ Sudeepta on RED FM’s Morning No. 1 aid everything and everyone but with a Bajaate Raho Twist. Observation based, topically relevant on news and funny are words that are synonymous with Morning No. 1 Jaipur. Bajaate Raho f Jaipur is not only playing around with an issue, it is also about giving the people of Jaipur a ne to think and act upon. In truer sense, Jaipur's Morning no. 1 is the ‘Baap of All Morning shows in Jaipur’


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