Lights Out

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


Miracle. The name says it all!  Karishma is drama, shopaholic, dreamer, positive foodie and a true style icon all put together in one package!  You hear and you feel you have always known her!

Rj Karishma is bubbly, full of life, caring, emotional and a very positive person. She has the best advice to give on Love, Life and Locha . Her sense of style and her bright smile all will make you fall in love with her.

Not only is she a viral name in India ,  She is one of the most followed Rj’s in India with more than 1 million plus followers across several social media platforms.

Karishma ,  is an ace content creator who has her followers in splits with her comedy sketch videos  and is a very celebrated Rj who hosts the night show called LIGHTS OUT across several markets on RED FM .  Her voice, her takes on love and life and her slice of life content will instantly make you fall in love with her.