Regular Girl next door from Jaipur who seems to be like any other girl but when she comes on air bursts like an atom bomb. The newest member to the RED FM Family does Vellapanti dot com with a funny twist to all thing related to Aaj ke Zamane ka youth. She is a rising star on tiktok and now the latest addition to RED FM’s line up. Ziddi hai, Nautanki hai and dramebaaz bhi. RJ Zoya se bachke rehna uski zidd kea age kisi ki nahi chalti. She’s the perfect example of Dramebaaz Patakha. Zoya hosts Vellapanti dot com where you get the all latest news from the world which has made a unique headline, which cater to the creative and off beat crowd. Bollywood se Pyar hai itna ki apne listeners ko bhi Prizes Lapak lene ka mauka deti hai. Catch Zoya every Mid-Morning between 11-02 PM doing Vellapanti on 93.5 RED FM.

Vellapanti Dot Com
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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