A young youthful jock to make your mornings fun and energetic every day! Tune into Morning No #1 everyday between 7-11 am to catch all the madness happening in the pink city. From Politics to Bollywood RJ Sudeepta brings to you news and views from around the world with a fresh new perspective! RJ Sudeepta (A Female body builder and model in real life) comes from Bhopal. Belongs to a family of Music and sports lovers, she decided at a very young age that he has talent and aptitude of speaking good and therefore even if she is a Commerce Graduate by qualification, She decided to go ahead with RJing. She is one of the freshest voices Rajasthan Market has observed. She is a straight forward, knowledgeable and highly skilled person. Known to possess great speaking skills, She has a great rapport with local authorities and knows the ins and outs of the town even when she is not from Jaipur. Every morning Jaipurites wake up to the most booming and highly energetic voice on Radio – To RJ Sudeepta. RJ Sudeepta in true sense is ‘Ladki Kadak, jo Degi Patak’ Highly observant and very funny. She knows how to pinch an issue’s nerve and come out, a winner.

Morning No. 1
7:00 AM - 11:00 AM