12:00 PM - 3:00 PM


The 'Item' (RJ Malvika) & 'Sample' (RJ Tathagat) have changed the way Indore look at  Mid-Mornings forever! Her spunk and class and his A1 humor and bakwaas is legendary. Rj Malvika is Miss Funny Bones and RJ Tathagat is MASTI ka dose.Their show Thilwai Dot Com' has everything you want to make your day spicy and spunky. As the Indoriproverb goes, 'Ek Indori ke Jeewan me Thilwai nahi...toh jeevan sahi nahi !??' The masti fun & rib tickling infotainment and GIRL Vs BOY swords drawn at each other will take you to your personal life moments in a split second. Their 'Chemistry' put forth various 'Compounds-Mixture-Solutions' fun & Entertainment. Be it Bollywood, TV, Sports, Local, National or International chunks of info; these two have hawk-eyes to spot it out for you. From Saas-Bahu to Connaught Place-Juhu, they have everything on their list. A daily dose of  '12 Ki Dher' is in every Indori's habit now, daily at 12 noon .In this segment they present such information with a twist of humor and satire, it makes you thank your stars that "IT WASNT YOU ". The interaction of Bhaiyyas & Bhabhis in 'Bhabhi Hotline' gives the show an 'Extra Edge'. Remember..... "Ye dono wo baatein bataate hain, Jinko sun'ne ke liye kaano ke keede kulbulaate sun'na sab chaahte hain; lekin bolta koi nahi !"

Do tune in, Monday to Saturday from 11 AM to 2 PM, on Thilwai Dot Com.