Morning No. 1

6:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Rj Ravi is totally true to his name which means The Sun , Bright and out literally! Indore ki janta ko hai Jagata aur zor zor se hai Bajaata .The morning ritual of every Indori is Poha Jalebi & Morning No 1 with Rj Ravi. Rj Ravi has the perfect recipe for an informative and entertaing morning for all his listeners. Taking inspiration from the hatke & intriguing style singer Altaaf Raja, Rj Ravi tickles the funny bone with Bhaltaaf Raja who sings his way to peoples chuckles and laughter. Bhaltaaf Raja picks up the most trending topics from the nation and around and his rib tickling takes on them will have you in splits. Rj Ravi with his funny streak, Wit & tongue in cheek humour will light up your morning and gear you up for the brightest day.