, 'The Sample' is extremely funny, quirky & rib tickling both on & off mic. The guy is desi, natural & cool. Point-to-point being desi is the only principle he follows, which let him connect to the listeners & crowd to the core. Indori'pana runs into him from head to toe. Desh duniya ki baat ho ya Celebrities ka sath ho, this guy won't let you down. He will make you go LOL by his pretentions, assumptions & humorous factual representation. Being a himself a tedha character, he comprises a lot of characters in himself, be it bollywood celebrities or political figures; his sarcastic mimcs will let you laugh with a thought to think upon. From college going young guns to senior stars, being a desi; he can hold the nerves of anyone & everyone. Everything to be an 'Indori Thilwa', he have in himself. 'Kyunki yun to kisiko chhedta nahi, koi chhede to usko chhodta nahi !' Tathagat also doubles a  fab rapper and weekly presents the Red Fm a Filmy Rapta ,  an earnest and entertaining  movie review in the form of a rap .

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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