Mid Night Biryani

11:00 PM - 1:00 AM


"Tomorrow comes to us at mid night. It’s so beautiful and clean when it arrives. It puts into us a new lease of life. That moment of mid night brings in hope into us. Every mid night biryani show brings hope to see things better with every tomorrow.

Mid night Biryani is the show which puts tomorrow in our hands. It is hosted by Rj Chaitu naughtily called as Chatter box Chaitu does Mid night biryani from Monday to Friday.The show which used to take only just requests has been re launched with Rj Chaitu . His energy and comic timing has made brought liveliness to the night time band.

He tells stories, shares real life experiences and talks about whacky things we come across in life. He puts life the way it comes. He brings Innocence of a child along with philosophy of an experienced into his show. This makes people to get addicted to his show every day.

He pours his personality into the show.  A person who listens to the show falls in love with him, hates him, gets angry , feel like slapping him at times, gets emotional to what he says."


The Mystery of Missing Planes