Ep 1-Party Ho Rahi Hai ft. Cocaine & MDMA

“Abhi toh Party Shuru hui hai” this is what Rohan was thinking when he was breaking the expensive coke with his card and and snorting it like it was a doorway to nirvana. But wait, there is more to this party. Find out. Party culture is growing with every night. In each party that is happening in a Metropolitan city, you will find someone trying drugs like Cocaine and MDMA for the first time. This episode of Dope Shope Drugs - Season 1 explains the dangers of taking drugs and how many people fall into the addiction cycle at these parties. Catch the latest podcasts on the Red FM Podcast Network. Featuring: Doctor Era Dutta, MD (Psychiatry, DNB (Psychiatry), MBBS Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Hosted by: Dhruv Lau & Anil Chauhan Sound Design: Anil Chauhan & Aayush Mehra Script & Creative Direction: Dhruv Lau Send your feedback and suggestion to: Or mail us on DISCLAIMER We do not promote the usage of drugs. Voices and stories used have been dramatised for audience entertainment and the views expressed in this podcast are people’s individual opinion and ideas. Listener’s discretion is advised.


Dope Shope Drugs

Weed, Cocaine, Hasheesh, Heroine, and more. You have heard the name, but have you just heard the name? Red FM Podcast Network presents Dope Shope Drugs. Dr. Era Dutta along with the hosts Anil Chauhan and Dhruv ... v Lau go through various situations where people use drugs, be it a club or a rave party or a jamming session. Questions which sound stupid to ask, and questions that literally cross the line of decent behavior. All questions answered while keeping things real, fun and entertaining. Plug it into your ears or play it out loud. Let's get the talks rolling.

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