Morning No. 1

6:00 AM - 11:00 AM


RJ Raunac has changed Delhi’s Mornings forever! And his show Morning No. 1 (#MN1Del) has everything you wanna know each morning. Ergo, he is the best deal if you want a hot cuppa infotainment every morning. is when RJ Raunac dons the mad cap and plays Bauaa. Bauaa, with his innocent bumpkin kid accent, calls up people to ask them random silly questions. Taking inspiration from the immensely popular Hindi poet & politician Dr. Kumar Vishwas, RJ Raunac, using the tune of one of Dr. Vishwas' most popular poems, gives a rundown of what all happened in the world around you in the last week. Prepared freshly every weekend for your consumption, this much-appreciated (and shared/liked) ditty will have you in splits all week! Rest assured, your mornings will shine even on a cloudy Delhi winter morning.


Sippy Siddhu Murder Case: Part 2