EP-7 Unveiling the Renaissance Woman

This week we have Ms. Priya Aswani, a true Renaissance woman who excels as an author, life coach, entrepreneur, image con sultant, and cognitive behavioral therapist. Join us as we delve into her diverse roles and the profound impact she makes on others through personal growth and self-improvement. Get inspired by her achievements, insights from her book "3 AM Thoughts," and valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Don't miss this intriguing episode of empowerment and transformation. 


Teri Meri Story

Mohua Chinappa is an author, podcaster, voice-over artist, and branding specialist. Mohua is a strong believer in “anything is possible, if you put your mind to it”. She used the same mantra to re-invent hersel ... herself from a housewife to a podcaster. Now, she hosts the popular and successful podcast called, The Mohua Show, where she interviews artists, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who are striving to create economic and social change ‘Imandari se’. Teri Meri Stories with Mohua Chinappa is special audio series for Red FM, in which Mohua is in candid conversations with real people who are not afraid to share real stories. Through this audio series, she wants to showcase the power of the human spirit in reinventing oneself time and again, in creating one’s own definition of success.

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