"Driven by Courage: Maruti Phad's Survival Tale from the 26/11 Attacks"

In this riveting episode of "Survivors of 26/11: Courage and Beyond," Maruti Phad, a dedicated driver at the Medical Educ ation department, shares his heart-stopping encounter with the terrorists during the tragic events of November 26th. Despite being aware of the ongoing attacks in Colaba and CST, and hearing gunfire near his own home, Maruti chose duty over fear. Tune in as he recounts the chilling moments when he confronted terrorists while driving, bravely attempting to run them over. His bravery came at a cost, as he became a target of their aggression. Maruti also witnessed the terrorists firing at Hemant Karkare and Ashok Kamte, providing a firsthand account of the bone-chilling scenes surrounding the 26/11 attacks. Don't miss this episode that sheds light on one man's resilience and courage in the face of unimaginable terror.


Survivors Of 26/11 : Courage And Beyond

Imagine witnessing death and coming back to life, the experience, the thrill, the thunder brought together for you in our brand new podcast Survivor of 26/11. In this podcast we will talk to the survivors of di ... fferent attacks about what they went through and how it impacted their life afterwards. It will explain to us how that one day can change your entire life in a matter of a few moments. Also, how they continued their life, after the attack, what trauma they went through, what were the legal struggles they faced and how they have continued their journey till date.

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