Red Carpet

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM


The most sought after show when it comes to talking about the glamour industry. Rj Mike is all set to explore the personal and professional lives of Celebrities. The best part is, the celebs are too happy to be profiled in the show.

The show tries to explore the unseen areas of both personal as well as professional lives of celebs and known personalities. The witty and sharp questions from Mike make the show quite challenging for the guests!

Red Carpet is the best way to spend your weekends and is sure to keep you engaged with witty questions by RJ Mike and naughty answers by your favorite stars!

Tune into SuperHits 93.5 Red FM on Saturdays evening at 4 and Sunday morning at 10 to listen to the unheard stories and candid side of celebs and your favorite stars. RJ Mike will keep you locked to your seats!