Morning No. 1

7:00 AM - 11:00 AM


RJ Disha Oberoi wakes Bangalore up to 100% unadulterated infotainment. A Bajaate Raho breakfast with tasty titbits every morning, served steaming hot!

It’s a platform for all Bangaloreans to express their concerns about the city so that we can do whatever is necessary and in our power as a medium to help them out. We have local authorities, for eg. BBMP Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of Police and many more on the show, helping sort out various area/city related issues. Show campaigns are focused on the city and its problems, which in turn help an average citizen of Bangalore.

But it’s not all serious… The fun quotient on the campaigns comes from the ‘Bajaao’ twist that RJ Disha lends!

Every morning, served steaming hot!


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