There are people who live life on-the-edge and for some, life just happens , but then there’s RJ Zee, who makes life happen...and how!! You might get excited by the thought of salary hikes and lazy Sundays, but this girl gets excited by the thought of, hmmm....everything.

Too nice? Here comes the spice….or should we say “teekhi mirchi!” A firm believer in the #biryaniislife funda, this articulate food reviewer has a special Instagram account that is simply foodilicious. They say women are hard-to-please...damn right! When you have this fussy eater at your table, you better make sure you get your flavours right.  

An incorrigible shopaholic, retail is not her therapy, but an addiction. From foothpaths to the Fendis of the world…this fashionista has got it all figured.

Youth, fashion, Bollywood, food – Zee-pedia is sure to have you glued! 

Red Adda
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM