Rj Dhrumil is the most fiery voice of Ahmedabad. With more than 10 Years of Radio Experience, Dhrumil is well known for his facetious funniness. He pursues the infotainment position: Entertainment with substance. Sarcasm and wit being his specialty, Listeners depend on him to get their voices heard to the experts when they're stuck in rush hour gridlock, Dhrumil additionally gives them alternate routes each evening  to save their time. He's known to be brave and non-incomplete while talking or addressing either a typical man or a first class official. Dhrumil is Ahmedabad's Google equal who comprehends the city's vibe and flavour from all corners. He’s a game baaz, comes up with new fun games every week on his show and social media. Dhrumil is a standout amongst the best film reviewers of Ahmedabad, even superstars vouch for it. With two national awards in his kitty, the only investment he makes in his life is on experiences. He’s a backpacker, wishes to experience the world, and fights every alternate month to get his leaves approved. A true foodie in life, you got to check out his social media to see the yumilicious dishes he puts up there. 

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Krishna's Butterball