Naughty Nights

9:00 PM - 12:00 AM


A Show that does full justice to its name. Hosted by RJ ABHIMANYU, it caters to a TG that is naughty, which we guess is the entire city, although they might not admit it. It’s a show that every Mumbaikar loves to hear. From a 18 year old to a 50 year old relates to its content. The show is a very interactive, which encapsulates naughty experiences of people across the city. This is not a show that gives advice for sex problems, infact it’s a tongue n cheek take on the naughtiness that is fixed in the minds of the listener. Topics range from two-timing girlfriends to break-ups to experiences as bizarre as fantasizing about your teacher or boss. A timeband in which the all other stations play slow and retro music, we pride ourselves to be the only station that plays new superhits