From the courtroom to the studio in front of the mic - talking and jibber jabbar is definitely what he does best. So, will the law graduate turn the air blue? Nah…maybe…not really!! But having been up in..err.. “on air” for almost a decade, he knows what it takes to ride the airwaves. When you are tuned in to him, you will feel like you are hanging out with the celebs..like really! Well, hear him mimic over 50 odd celebrities, including cricketers, politicians and filmstars and you will know what we mean. Given that he is a theatre actor and director as well, you can also be assured of a lot of drama on his show. He doesn’t like to brag about himself, but he definitely is a jack-of-all trades.

One of his most important life fundas is “Khao aur Khilao.” And while he knows and loves his food, he can also be your gadget guru, and can go on about vrooms. On days when he gets bored, he declares half-time, and plays squash, cricket and tennis. Mind you, this Taekwondo black belt can take you down with his Axe Kick…no prizes for guessing he is definitely the “I love superheros types.”

KA 935
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM