“Naam ghum jaayega..chehera yeh badal jayega..meri awaaz hi pehchaan hai..” There can’t be a better way to describe a man whose voice and persona resonates with the music he plays. Well, that’s what many believe, but there’s a side to Niladri – unknown to many, and known to those who are very close to him. Jitni bhaari inki awaaz hai, usse bhaari hai his life fundas. Sarcasm doesn’t announce itself and you better know that well every time this man is in front of you.

His baritone voice is sure to remind you of the Big B of Bollywood, who is also Niladri’s icon. But Niladri, is a Sarkaar in his own way….his walk, his talk, and not to forget his experience. Being married for 20 years, he knows all the right notes that work magic with women. Well, he is still the charmer and did we mention he has managed to retain his tongue-in-cheek humour.

Red Rewind
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